Going to miss owning an MX-3

  • I'm really going to miss owning an MX-3.

    I drive an FTO GPX nowdays which is not quite as fast as my ZE or as responsive to drive, but It gets much better MPG and I slightly perfer the looks and its slightly cheaper to insure.

    I can't see me ever owning another MX-3 as the 1.8 is just too slow for me and I won't have any space to work on cars once I move so no building another ZE :cry:

    My biggest regret is that I never got to the ZE-T level that I was aiming for even before I bought my first MX-3.

    I remember I had been in a 1.8 MX-3 and loved the looks, the handling and the cheapness of it but it was just too damn slow, but then about 2 yrs later I saw Garfys MX-3 at Japfest and went home did some research for a week or so and bought a ZE engine and all the bits I needed then had to wait another week or so for a decent MX-3 to come up locally and did the ZE swap. What a difference it made!! Its like a completely different car and I just fell in love with it.

    Will be sad to see it go….

    The MX-3 has been such a big part of my life, its what led me to become a qualified mechanic, its what kept me going when life got boring, out to the garage and do some more work.....

    really going to miss my workshop too!!

    Wonder if the new neighbours would mind me fitting a 2.5 V6 Twin Turbo Legnum engine into my FTO, in my 1 allocated parking space :twisted:

    ....probably not...

  • Just do it man. They can only complain or you may find they could help, making you cups of tea and coffee. :lol:

  • that is a sad story mate, and im sure you will miss the mx-3, but the fact is there is no reliable way of getting over 300hp ( exc welllys ) out of the engine and even JTL said that going over 250hp in his mx-3 made it slower on the track.
    I have my days where i stare at 2.6 rx7s on ebay and wonder ….lol !!.
    What does the future hold for the site ?,
    I almost got a v6 fto but was double the insurance of the mx-3, hence why i settled with the mx.

    Keep us updated on your progress anyhow.

  • My FTO is £380 per year my ZE was like £390.

    My mate had an RX-7 doing 370 bhp it was an animal, but could not afford to run it, he managed to get it put on trade insurance by saying he worked on cars in the evening £560 and he is covered for up to 10 cars, so if he buys another car it won't cost any extra to insure it. He's now driving a Skyline but says its like driving a boat.

    Personally i'd have a Supra if I could afford it.

  • Dear dear, bad times! What MPG does the FTO get? I know it's pointless now but megasquirt really hikes up the MPG, as I've said I was getting 34mpg, with the SC on, though restrained driving. City driving kills it though.

    Even the mazota has been through a few pistons and rebuilds IIRC. If you want 300 bhp reliably you can't expect a stock engine to last for ever, though the likes of hppwdn ran 11secs and 350WHP+ with junkyard engines. Get millenia S rods and pistons for £600 and you could run 300whp all day long. Though there's about 5 other piston/rod combos too. OR get a BP and forge it, again 300WHP+ reliably. JTL didn't even have an LSD did they? FWD is limited, but at the same time it's not like there aren't 10 sec KLs, NA and boosted. It's whatever you make of it, they're all just cars, different weights, different engines, different weaknesses. You could make an AWD mx3 for less than some honda boys spend on an engine swap with mods.

    People winge about mx3s/KLs not having bullet proof OEM engines but the way I see it most of the time people just aren't willing to put the money in but expect reliability. There's 800bhp+ KLs, and what does it take? Forged pistons and rods, stock forged crank and a big snail. Look at the Honda boys, they spend about 2k to stick 200bhp into their cars, we spend half that with bolts ons included. As far as I can see it cars are as fast and reliable as the money is spent on them. It's like the old saying FAST RELIABLE CHEAP, pick two. And for most mx3ers it's FAST & CHEAP, so expect problems.

    Anyway… Good luck with the FTO, I think they've beautiful cars. I bet you'll miss having a workshop though :!: I think my next car would be an RX7 or a V8 mx5 (either way the mx3 would stay). Love supras but just to boatish.

  • Yes you are spot on marco. I don't have problem throwing money at the mx ( when I have it! ) I love it to bits and would never part with it lol.

    Jtl blew countless diffs, gearboxes and driveshafts at 400 bhp. The engine was bullet proof. !.

    I'm sure if the case presented itself in the future uourbe back to themx3 at some puoint admin.

  • FTO seems to get around 30 city if you drive like a granny, not done a decent drive in it yet to get motorway milage but what I have done seems to be looking at around 35.

    If I owned a Supra i'd be mostly posing in it, it can boat around all it likes.

    Also always fancied doing up a MK1 Toyota Celica:

    or a number of old datsuns and toyotas… I just love jap cars.

  • I have driven a lot of cars in my time and since my first MX they have stuck now, I absolutely love them, on hampshire jap cars I am classed as a nutter by a few members because I wont go down the toyota or subaru route but to be honest, most toyota owners are middle aged ladies and subaru's are for chav's (surprised burberry dont do paint for them)
    One guy on the tunnel run saturday night said he was going to join the MX clan but went for a celica and probably regrets it as I raped him out of the garage and again everytime he over took me on the way there :D

    Sometimes you get to a point when you have done as much as you can and you want something different, everybody does !!

    If this site went I would become a middle aged lady to join the others in the other clubs because my car appears to them as the skinny boy at the back of the class with one leg shorter than the other.

    Good luck with the change of direction, we all need it at some point in our lives and after a while if you miss us all you still have the site to hook up with us, if you leave it a while and it is the decision you definately want to keep then talk to us if you want to move the site on because there will always be a few of us to keep the MX3 torch burning.

    I am a member of a few clubs but only here do I feel a part of something.

    All the best
    Keith - djmarcopolo

  • Snap! Well said!

  • Well said Dj, well said.

  • Aye, there will always be a corner for you here, when you get all lost and lonely playing with silly cars.


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