Ratterling v6

  • my v6 has noisey tappets so i keep it topped up with oil but recently its started to rattle ,when its idleing it sounds ok but when you rev it to about 3000-4000rpm it rattles , it sounds a bit like something is loose but i cant see anything and it sounds like its coming from the middle of the engine ,
    any ideas.
    im abit worried ,
    so any help would be great..

  • **Chuck in a bottle of Wynn's HLA additive. If the noise doesn't go away, it's not the tappets. If it does, it's the tappets.

    I've been told before (by a female Mazda service tech) that driving like a girl will, over time, generate a rattling noise in the V6 - so get out there and spank it.**

  • sorry officer for driving so fast, my mechanic told me to go out and spank it! :D

  • @9e3a58d71e=Garfy1981:

    sorry officer for driving so fast, my mechanic told me to go out and spank it! :D

    Actually, seeing as it's you, it was the place on Orbital Park, Ashford :lol:

  • its definetly not driven like a girl i spank it most days will try the wynns treatment again not put any in a while .. will let you know how it goes.
    fingers crossed

  • oh and i will give it a good spank..for good measure..

  • @851e52f7a4=Famine:


    sorry officer for driving so fast, my mechanic told me to go out and spank it! :D

    Actually, seeing as it's you, it was the place on Orbital Park, Ashford :lol:

    oh yes, thats my 118mph limiter timing test track!!

    good luck with treatment, hopefully nothing too serious. Halfrauds sell treatment near me. So hopefully available in all. If not probestore has it also.

  • You could get a piece of thin plastic hose (like what you would use for bleeding the breaks) put a plastic golf tee in one end steel nail in the other (must be air tight at both ends. Now stick the golf tee in your ear and put the nail on the front and back rocker covers.

    You will hear if its your tappets as they are quite high pitch sounds, deeper sounds are usually worn cams. Also good for checking for worn pullys and waterpumps, just be really carefull around moving parts.

    Be careful if you make it right, it can be really loud!!!! So safety first you don't want to damage your ears and you take this advice at your own risk!!

    Alternatively go buy an engine stethiscope and use that instead.

  • Are you sure its defo the tappets, i had a problem with one of the Vris solenoids (two small black things above the rear bank with little black rods inside but visible) which was loose inside and making a loud noise when i revved, do u notice any gaps in power through your rev range?

    Just another thing to look at…

  • ive put the wynss treatment in and it hasnt made any difference . i think the noise is coming fromthe rear bank . when the tappets was noisey you could hear them when its idleing but i cant hear a thing is only starts when i get to 2500-3000rpm … what else can it be ...

  • what is the vis valve thing .. where is it any pics any body..

  • sorry vris..

  • Vris are located on the back of the inlet manifold and are tiny cylinder shaped.

    When did you last do an oil change?? (miles ago), what grade oil are you running in your engine?

    Also did you use wynns professional HLA treatment or just normal wynns HLA treatment?

    I used to have noisy HLA's but they are alot quieter now, still get it occasionally but its getting better with each oil change, I do change mine after each track day though LOL!! I've tried all sorts of different makes/grades of oil and the best one and the one I currently use is mobil1 0=40w

  • Could be worn cam.

    0w40 that stuffs not cheap I use fully synthetic 5w30 with the Wynns treatment that comes in the Can not the Bottle.

  • i use 5-30 oil castral magnetec wynns out the bottle had an oil change about 2000miles ago,
    but ive topped it up twice since then because of rocker covers gaskets leaking. and i cant afford to do them yet..

  • if the engine blows up you can always buy my ze :D since u like 20 minutes away

  • well im going to see if admin ze will go in mine nxt weekend if noti willkeep it in mind..
    you need to pop down to mansfield one day kami!!

  • Halfway through stripping out my OBD1 loom for when you come down on the weekend. Its not as bad as I thought so far.


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