Brake Help Please!

  • Right, I'll be honest up front, I'm a bit of a duffer when it comes to doing stuff merchanically on cars so can any one help me with my brakes.

    Short n sweet, the new disc is on, the inside pad fits in no problem but the out side pad doesn't have enough space to fit in. Firstly and maybe a silly question but are the pads supposed to be the same size? Can anybody help?

  • **The pads will be identical, yes. You can fit either to either inside or outside.

    Did you wind in the caliper piston (big circular thing on the inside of the caliper)? There'll be two wee metal spring clips which will fit between the caliper and the pad both top and bottom which should be pulled out and cleaned too, and two flat metal "shims" which fit over the outsides of the pads.**

  • Famine, thanks so much for your speedy reply and your accurate information. I have someone helping me now that knows what their doing, and we're making


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