• Hello peeps,
    today had a 4hr round trip to a remote house in the middle of nowhere in the Wiltshire countryside to pick up the new project car for 2010/11 and tow it home through single track lanes for 45 minutes of it on the 2.5hr journey home

    Its an identical MX3 Equipe to the one I have, its yet another showroom edition and it has a full history in its plastic wallet.
    This was the showroom one from the dealer in Belfast N.I. probably the only one shipped to N.I. too. it stayed there for 4 years and then was bought from belfast to a dealer in henley on thames and was then re-registered from an irish plate to a private plate and sold to a lady that lives in henley.
    She sold it in 2003 and it was re-registered again with an english plate and was PX'd for a peugeot 306 xs for £12,995 and that guy had it until 2005, the owner I bought it from pretty much ran it into the ground until the MOT ran out in 2006 and its been in a barn in wiltshire ever since until now.

    The bodywork and under the bonnet is immaculate like it just strolled out of the showroom, the bodywork is that good I have yet to find a car park dent or scratch its pretty much been garaged all its life. The interior is the same but covered in mould and it has a few problems with the running gear from lack of use and lack of previous owners interest in keeping it nice.

    I have spent £225 on buying it and towing home, I have a budget of £225 to get it road legal again that I am pretty sure it will go under budget.
    It needs a major service as it wasnt firing on all cylinders and to get it going we had to mix down a load of stale fuel with fresh so it wasnt too happy to start with.

    I hope to have this in mint OEM concourse condition for under £600 including the purchase with a resale value of £1200 - £1400, I hope this encourages some people on here to get their hands dirty this winter because there are plenty of these out there that just need some TLC to make them top notch again that you cannot physically lose money on

    Current shopping/jobs list stands at…

    MOT required Jobs

    New brake pads all round
    Brake calipers reconditioned
    All Discs seem good under rust so will be machined clean
    New windscreen required
    New O/S/F headlight required
    Rear windscreen heater U/S
    2 front tyres down to canvas - replace
    Most bulbs need replacing
    Massive earth problem causing very dim lights / possible alternator fault
    New wiper blades all round
    N/S/R wheel bearing needs replacing

    Non essential work / shopping list

    Cigarette lighter missing
    Parcel shelf missing
    Ashtray missing
    Aftermarket immobiliser needs removing
    Seats needs full valet and mould treatment
    rocker cover gasket leaking on rear bank
    Number plate plinth broken
    Stereo has been cut out, needs rewiring
    Wheels have been sprayed badly to make them look good for selling, these will be redone in djmarcopolo white :D

  • and someones nicked the hassard light switch :)

  • @dfcc53bf0a=Lori:

    and someones nicked the hassard light switch :)

    LOL but it does have the OEM cassette tape holder fitted that I might sell soon

  • Would that me a rare JDM tape holder? :P

  • @0a93e18db7=Lori:

    Would that me a rare JDM tape holder? :P

    Yup :D :D

    I will probably sell it or will PX for some bits I need later when I start work

    Parcel shelf
    O/S headlight
    cigarette lighter

  • Started Purchasing replacement parts today to try and keep it under the £225 budget it make it road legal

    After heavy searching on the interweb I have now got
    Headlight, ashtray + lighter for £35 - thanks MasonX
    Front pads £12.50 inc P&P
    Rear Pads £13 inc P&P
    It was cheaper to import 2 rear wheel bearings than buy one in the uk :cry:
    2 rear wheel bearings £65 inc P&P
    Full set of wiper blades £10 inc P&P

    Total spent is £135.50

    That leaves £89.50 for a new windscreen and a pair of tyres and the MOT

    I think it may go £50 over budget unless I find something to do a deal on

    My dad is quite excited about me finding this car so he wants to get the engine apart and bang a new cambelt + waterpump in too by november
    Think he wants to cruise around in this while he puts a new gearbox in his nissan over christmas lol

    Realistically the budget is now heading to around £600 for the complete on the road full serviced package including the car purchase

  • Had a good poke around the car this afternoon, have found some more faults

    Rear heated window not working as I have found the relay has caught fire at sometime and burnt the cables back :cry:

    Found more cut wire stuck out of the steering column but cannot find what isnt working (hopefully its the immobiliser) :cry:

    The engine has sat around so long some of the water pipes are decomposing and need replacing (the outsides are now like crude oil)

    The thermostat might be seized as it doesnt overheat but the pipes are very pressurized but does not bubble over into the header tank (maybe an airlock) :? :?

    1 of the good tyres has a nail in it and is now punctured :cry:

    Just bought a QH cambelt for £12.50 that was on sale as old stock :D :D

    Full set of brake pads ordered for £26 :D :D :D

    Bought a new QH water pump for £30 :D :D :D

    Bought a full cover from japan for £8.99 inc P&P :shock: :shock: for her to keep her dry over the winter while she is laid up

  • @af446b217a=djmarcopolo:

  • Can i assist with any more parts befor i send your parcel?

  • Is that car cover made for an mx3?? If so could you post a link up please could do with one for mine…............. ta

  • @070aabe32a=mx3gulf:

    Is that car cover made for an mx3?? If so could you post a link up please could do with one for mine…............. ta

    Here you go, it fits perfect for an mx and only £8.99

  • Thanks to masonx I have now most of the OEM bits missing for the car to be replaced or repaired and now have all the bits for a major service and ready for an MOT.
    I have found the final part a parcel shlf that I got for £20 with a pair of clear side repeaters thrown in for free :D
    Work starts november :D :D

  • I have felt bad anbout this car just sitting in the drive wasting away so I have started on her today

    Full set of brake pads all round and new pin kit on the front
    Good wash for the first time
    The alloys have been shot blasted ready for painting

    Still to do….
    Paint wheels and swap with current ones
    Replace burnt out wiring on rear window
    valet interior
    Unblock radiator
    New thermostat
    New near side cv boot
    New windscreen
    Then its off for MOT and then up for sale



  • nice, another one saved, bit of work to do but looking good.

  • This one has a mint body on it and the interior is spotless, will keep you posted, the cv boot kit was ordered today and the last items to buy are on there way and are a little bit of bert that will keep on trucking :wink:

  • well as I am piling my spare time into this baby at the moment I thought I better keep this up to date,
    Today new cambelt + waterpump after the pump went last week just before daniel was going to buy her :cry:
    Had as major bitch with this as some plum in the past loctited the bottom pulley bolt on AND the pulley, that took over an hour to remove and was on the point of cutting it off before it finally went

    Radiator has been removed and professionally flushed + pressure tested (need to do it to any car thats been sat around for a while as the rad silts up easily and then restricts water flow)

    New fan fitted and still not working, all voltages are present and correct so it can only be the sensor but I have found water INSIDE the connector for the sensor so it maybe leak through it inside so a new sensor ordered and on its way

    Wifey cleaned all the leather up as it had some mould in places from lack of use

    2 new drive belts ordered as the old ones are poop

  • Did you replace the sensor as the fan still doesn't work bud :(

    I've got a spare off the AZ3 I was going to try but I'm not sure where teh sensor is.

  • @0b8a86bf6d=Lori:

    Did you replace the sensor as the fan still doesn't work bud :(

    I've got a spare off the AZ3 I was going to try but I'm not sure where teh sensor is.

    I changed the fan in the end and it worked fine after that, try running her up and put a multi meter on the contacts to make sureit has voltage

  • Will do.


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