Rev Counter Madness

  • I've checked the normal pipes and there good, No leaks

    You can open it with CCCP

    What can cause this.

    Foot on break and Clutch, engine revs spike from 500 -> 2k and back again very quicky.

    1st thinking is… does the car have something that kicks in when it thinks the car is going to stall??

    Oh sorry for the music,

    AC\DC are still good :oops:

  • This is my 2p worth, have a look at your brake servo pipe that goes into the inlet manifold incase its cracked/split, sure u will have a spare from ur breaker try switching them over

  • Will take a look over the weekend.

    Thank you.

  • @39896dd455=Lori:

    Will take a look over the weekend.

    Thank you.

    also does it do it when in neutral pressing the brake dunno why it would only do it when pushing the clutch in aswell.

    I am thinking its only doing that as theres no resistance to the engine with the clutch disengadged so if the servo pipe was broken it could be the reason

    also put it on the way it comes off as I am sure its a 1 way system

  • Checked that out but nothing untoward there.

    I did find out today that it happens when nothing pressed, (handbreak on and out of gear)

  • Rev counter is electronic so it maybe the sensor going or a dodgy wire somewhere, for it to spike like that it maybe picking up a false reading somewhere

    my dad has a nissan almera 1.4 and ALL the dials go haywire, turn off, you do 60 and the speedo says 110 and nissan told him he needs a whole new unit

  • You can hear the engine reving, dying reving dying it's reading right on the money, just the engine grows a mind of it's own.

  • sorry being a donut thought it was just the rev counter

    That could be a plug dying so its service time or my equipe did that when I first got it, it turned out one of the plug leads on the plastic bit going into the engine block had a crack in the side and the spark was earthing through that crack leaving one plug not firing

  • Will check em out, the last sent of plug leads melted to the block so that could be it :(

  • @7e2a9115b3=Lori:

    Will check em out, the last sent of plug leads melted to the block so that could be it :(

    WOW how hot does your engine get ???

  • Normal temp (on the dash) but the old set were starting to melt due to there placement over teh block.

    The newer ones are from Roc the uprated red versions.

    I have noticed that it only happens if i'm on a short run and teh engine just gets to temp (on the dash) on longer run's it won't happen.

  • Try the coolant temp sensor…..

    Coolant Temp Sensor - Sensor does degrade in signal response with time, a failing CTS does not always raise a fault code it just provides the ECU with an incorrect coolant temperature. Will eventually supply a bad reading out of ECU tolerance (which is when a code is raised). Symptoms can include poor start, rough idle and rich running/poor petrol economy.

  • Pull your engine codes, could be the Stepper Motor, temp sensor, or vacuum leak.

    If its hunting its usually vacuum.


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