VAF Cleaning

  • I've got a feeling my VAF is sticking…

    How would I go about cleaning it and what should I use?


  • Bump!

    Any ideas anybody?

  • Hello nexussteve,

    I haven't gone through this process myself before, but I thought I would ask for a little more information.

    Is there residue buildup inside the VAF, or do you believe it's more of a dust problem? I would be hesitant to put liquids through the VAF without knowing more about how the plunger works. My main suggestion would be to use an air compressor, or a can of compressed air(The same kind used to blow out a computer would work)

    If that doesn't clean it out too well, you should look up general information about VAFs; Just to learn from other people's mistakes and experiences!

    Good luck, and please post your results here! I'd be interested in this as well! ;)

  • Thanks for the reply Bane!

    I didn't think of compressed air! Might have to try that.
    It just feels a little sticky, but it could be another problem!
    I'll look into it!

  • carb cleaner ??


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