D1ck heads!

  • Sorry, time for a good ol' Nightstalker rant!

    It's been a while since I've cleaned my car due to work, house business and being drunk :lol: but I managed to find a gap in the clouds this afternoon so got at it.

    Once it was dry and silver again I noticed some lovely scuff marks on the drivers door from what can only be from absolute fekking retards in car parks. I usually park my car away from the front of shopping centres or super markets as this is where it is most likely to happen but I have chanced it recently.

    It really pisses me off because I've been trying to tidy this car up for what? Some stupid C**T with no respect to just make me angry and make my car even more in need of an expensive re spray, I'm tempted to forget all about modifying and just buy a sh1tter and just wait for the tards to exit super markets and hit other cars and ram them to oblivion.

    I'm not a happy stalker :evil:

  • Try what I do, if someone has parked so close that you or a passenger struggle to get in, then pull the door to, then either kick it or swing it into theirs, they obviously dont give a fakook about your car so make it worthwhile, only saturday a red mini cooper was so close my passenger could not get in yet it was his drivers side that was less than a foot away and you can guarantee he got out of his car rubbing his door against yours, so I just gave it a kick into theirs. If you look at the sides of mine in the light I have well over 50 car park dents that I have to pay to get removed

  • Touch up paint is £8 from Mazda is you know teh color code.

    I've had to touch up mine a few times from "mistakely" hitting someones door in a car park for parking so close.

    Good news is, I've done more damage to others then to my own.

  • I work for a well known DIY retailer, and I have to leave my mx in the carpark ALL day long, my drivers door has so many scratches on it :(
    I hate when people do that, it p*sses me off ALMOST as much as the twats in german executive cars that park in between 2 spaces cos their car is obviously the most important one in the car park, next time they do that me and my friend are gonna park right next to their car either side so they cant get back in.
    what you need to do is keep a nice big socket wrench in your drivers door card like i do, then you don't have to worry about putting another scratch on YOUR door when the wrench hits theirs.

  • @9bc31b10c0=mattuhh:

    ALMOST as much as the twats in german executive cars that park in between 2 spaces cos their car is obviously the most important one in the car park

    God damn that pi**es me of too :evil:

  • it doesent really bother me in my current ride as first thig thier door will hit is a 3mm thick 2 inch steel tube welded to my chassis :) if they mangage to actually get near a panel i'll just lash a recovery strap onto their car and "move" it somewhere else :twisted:

  • This is why I love the fact mine is sprayed out of cans!

    After parking my car on a nearby street to where I work, I came back to find a scuff mark that was about 4" in diameter that was bright red (my car was red before I sprayed it) and no note of explaination!

    I pulled out a can of black spray out of my boot wiped the area, sprayed it, all good! (almost) ^^


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