OBDI to OBDII loom converter

  • I knew someone with the knowhow would do it eventually.

    Props to Garfy for the find!

    Link: http://www.xtremethings.com/Products.htm Second product from the bottom of the page.

    I am now offering adapters to convert your OBDII 96-97 KL cars to enable you to run your KLZE with a chipped computer. Now there is an option to get the full potential from your KLZE without having to change the engine harness or have an electrical engineering degree to install an aftermarket engine management unit.

    This adapter is 100% plug-n-play. You just remove your OBDII computer, install the adapter and a chipped OBDI ECU or other OBDI KL computer and you are ready to roll. One of the nicest things about this adapter is that when it comes time for emissions testing -simply pull the adapter and chipped ECU and then re-install the OBDII computer. No modifications to your car wiring are neccessary.
    I HOPE THIS WORKS WITH OUR LOOMS IN THE UK!!! AS THEY ARE DIFFErent to those found in the usa. so bear thisin mind. but it can be done!

  • Just noticed that this only does the Engine Loom which is dead easy to swap anyway.

    I have put an OBDI engine loom onto an OBDII car myself and can say 100% that it will not even try to start.

    I put this down to the immobiliser and ignition wiring also being different.

    So there is more to do than plug and play.

  • Yeah, my eyes lit up when I saw the loom adaptor, great find.

    Admin & me tried switching the loom & ecu over last year, but no joy. Immobiliser clicks on, end of story. I've been in touch with the guy that makes them to ask how he gets around the immobiliser problem.

    He wrote back to me: -


    I have not made an adapter for the MX3. I would have to get the shop electrical manual to be able to possibly make one. I currently do not have that manual. And I would probably have to do a lot of studying to figure out how to bypass the immobiliser. This particular adapter is meant to work with 96-97 Probes, MX6's and 626's.

    Michael Perry,

    So close, but no cigar. AFPR & VAF work pretty well for me though.

  • BUGGER!!, well hopefully something will get sorted.

    Thats ok admin for the find, when most blokes wives are out for the night they search the net for porn but i seem to go on a mx3 search frenzy!! :D


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