Steering wheel

  • any one changed ther steering wheel for a sports one , i want to change mine but ive got air bags can itbe done , what needs to be done etc..

  • **Disconnect the battery, undo the four 10mm bolts on the back of the wheel, pull the centre section out carefully and unplug it.

    Then put the steering lock on and get a 21mm socket and the longest breaker bar on Earth to take out the boss nut. Leave it partially threaded on, and hoi off the steering wheel with as much force as you can muster - the bolt still being in place stops you twatting yourself in the face with a steering wheel. Undo the bolt, take the wheel off.**

  • One thing, once the battery is disconnected there is a capaciter that still holds a charge to set of the airbag. Its there incase the battery is damaged on impact.

    So once you disconnect the battery leave the car for a while for it to discharge. Different cars take different amounts of time and I'm not sure how long it is for the MX-3.

    When I did one last I left it overnight and changed it in the morning, i'm a safety first kind of guy.

    Then all you need is a BOSS for the new wheel your buying so it will fit on the MX-3 column.

  • It's not very long at all - though my battery had been on a block of wood on the garage floor for six months when I did it.

  • another thing is on some bosses (like my omp one) you need to cut the lip of the plastic surround behind the boss
    heres a pic of my wheel i love it he he

  • ive changed my steering wheel no probs apart from one thing .
    behind the steering wheel there is a thing that the air bag plugs into and rotates with the steering wheel i had to take it off to get the boss unit on , is this ok and which wire is for the horn as i dont have one at the mo.

  • any ideas

  • Give me 48hrs and I have answer for you. I took my airbag wheel off and re plumbed in horn but can't remember wiring colours.

  • cheers garfy that would be great.. :D

  • oh i also changed my visor ( with printed air bag info ) and pulled out airbag fuse just so it sort of looked like it was a none air bag version, just in case it ever became a insurance issue :D


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