Throtle body problem

  • hi all

    ive been having a problem with the engine reving high, 2000 rpm. sometimes it stays at 2000 rpm and sometimes it revs up then down then up then down, snd so on.
    i was having a look at the engine last nite, while it was running. dont ask why but i pushed the wheel on the side of the throttle body towards the stop with a little force (engine running ok at this time) and the fault happened. so i assumed that the wheel was returning to far back. this tiny amount of movement was causing the fault! so i got out my digital calipers and moved the stop forward by 0.1mm. now the car is running great. nice smooth idle.

    i just thought ide tell you all, and if anyone thinks ive done something wrong please tell me because i can adjust it back by 0.1mm. finding an intermittent fault is realy hard, so im well happy with myself :D :D :D

  • admin

    Sounds like the same problem I had the other day, I was also running 2000 RPM at idle, and also moving up and down, did the same adjustment as you by the sound of it and it worked for me!

    So what im trying to say is you havnt done anything wrong, the adjustment is ok! lol

    Well done :D


  • phew. did you move it a tiny bit too? i assume if you move it too far this will effect the idle speed considerably. but this screw we moved isnt the idle screw is it. because ive red someware that this shouldent be adjusted unless you know what you are doing. thats why i measured the distance of the change in the stop screw.

    ive just noticed that you have a klze in your car mines a k8 :?:

  • admin

    Hmm good point, the KL-ZE KL-68 Throttle Body is alot different to the K8, however I did adjust the stop screw & it has been fine!!

    Heh, i just moved it lol im sure it is fine, providing you did the nut up again! :shock:



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