• Hi all, I am looking for details for the K8ZE and the differences between the 2 engines against the standard K8.

    I have a standard K8 in my shed yet when I look for the K8 stamp on my Equipe its not there, it is a 1.8 and is standard with the car yet the engine sounds different next to any standard V6 so I am searching down the route of the K8ZE, is this the standard engine they fit in the Eunos or was it a rare version, I have sifted tons on google and not really finding any info except it is a JDM engine.

    When I look at specs etc with my Equipe its listed as having more BHP, it has its own insurance group that is higher than the usual V6 SE and the engines sound nothing like the usual V6. The car seems to perform better and I get another 40-50 miles a tank out of it compared to the previous ones so something is different but I cannot put my finger on it

  • The V5 for my last Eunos stated the engine code as "U8"

    But no idea where to find it on the engine, I can check both of mine tomorrow tho if you know where to look?

    I have found that the Eunos has a higher rev limited. 8.5K redline @ 7.5

  • I've often wondered about the K8ZE too, I've never found any information on it though so I don't know if there even was such a thing.

  • Just doing a quick google search for K8ZE brings up info on the J-spec MX3.

    Which from what I understand is the Eunos Presso :)

  • The K8ZE is simply the Jap Spec version of the UK K8 engine.

    Its something like 144 bhp instead of 135 or whatever.

    So no great improvement really.

    I don't know exactly what is defferent though?


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