Mirror changing

  • hi chaps,
    ive got my hands on some artermarket wing mirrors to replace my original vandalized ones! is taking the door card out easy? or is there anything i should look out for? ill post some pics when they are changed.

  • piece of piss mate!

    A screw on the latch edge of the door card, screws behind the interior door handle, a screw in the drivers small pocket that you close the door with if ya get me… and on the passenger door there is a screw on the interior door pull....

    Along the bottom it is held in with clips, so just give it a pull and it should all pop off! There may be one screw along the bottom so just double check before you start yanking it!

    Once the door card is loose, unclip the electric window switches and its off! :)

    I've had mine on and off loads of times and im still yet to break a clip, so dont worry about snapping em!!

    Hope this helps :)

  • thanks for that!

    these are the mirrors…..


    they fitted the car fine but when i sat in the drivers seat and tried to line the passenger mirror it wouldnt go to the desired angle. ive taken them off and put my shoddy pink mirrors back.

    DONT buy these mirrors!

    ill post more when the seller gets back to me

  • I don't suppose this might be because the mirrors are designed for left hand drive models? the mirrors would need to be at different angles then since the driver is (obviously) looking from a different angle.

    Just a thought

  • Hold on a sec. Why on earth do you have pink mirrors in the first place? :?

  • ok… im not a pink mx3 owner, shes red........... :oops:

    i had pink mirrors because the previous owner didnt know what polish and wax is. i resprayed them a few weeks ago (red) and they look great. ive had a look at the mirrors from ebay and both sides move to the same angle, so if you had a left hand drive it would cause the same problem. ive still got these mirrors so if any one is interested in buying them off me let me know and i will put a pic on the for sale forum. the price of sending them to the states wasnt worth it for the refund.

  • terras, reckon you could slap up some pics as I might be interested!

  • will do some time today. but you wont be able to line up the angle of the passenger mirror without some modification or bodge!

  • rsroadkilla

    pm sent!


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