Idle good efter 15 sec, loosing power very short moments.

  • Hi !

    Weii, i'm exited, i'm almost finished with everything about my KLZE hybrid swap. I just passed emisions tests but i still have some small problems yet to fix.

    I got a KL02 VAF and a KLDE ECU and that gave my a proper running engine (almost) the exahust values are good and it feels like the engine is running good.

    Small problems are :

    We tried to fix the idle with the throttle sensor calibration and mixing with the air screw, yet we can't get it perfect.

    We messure the voltage etc as said in the Manual but we are getting really weird values from the throttle sensor cable, like totally off. Car is running ok, but as i said above, idle does not set until after 15-20 secs and its not perfect.

    So, any ideas on the throttle sensor fixing ? Manual don't help me further here :(

  • I had a very similar problem and looked into it for ages and never ended up finding out what it was. I have put it down to the lightend flywheel as this can cause a slightly off idle.

    As for the readings i cant help you sorry, the only thing i could suggest is replacing it and taking a new reading…. trail and error unfortunalty :shock:

  • What engine are you running? why is it Hybrid? What year is your MX-3? OBDI or OBDII?

  • Try reseting the IDLE open the diagnostic box and get a cable (speaker cable will do) and bridge TEN and GRD this resets the idle, worked for me alot with mazda's with bad idle

  • KLZE from Millenia -95.

    "hybrid" :)

    Mx3 is from -93

    Will try more with the idle reset etc

  • Still don't see why its a HYBRID??? Makes no sense to me.

    A KLZE engine is the same no matter what year it comes from, the ONLY difference is the amount of coolant Temp sensors it has.

    1. What ECU are you Running, Please don't say the standard MX3 one!!
    2. Have you removed the EGR?

  • Running a KLDE ecu with KL02 vaf.

    egr is there visual but not functional.

  • First off get the correct ECU:

    Either get hold of a probinator chip from here and chip your Standard MX-3 ECU

    or buy this ECU

    But Probinator chip is the best choice for the Millenia KLZE Engine as the KL36 is for the MX-6 Straight Neck KLZE Engine.

    Then put the JE-50 VAF from the MX-3 back on.


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