Posible group buy 1.8 v6 De-cat

  • My local custom exhaust company "complete auto solution" can create and fit a de-cat to us 1.8 V6 owners for around £50+ only 1.8 as I am willing to donate my car to get the size and fitting's

    I am planning on getting the de-cat in 3-4 weeks so will let this post run until then to see how many names are put down for a de-cat.

    It will be stainless steel and no dout 2.5" pipe as ive had exhaust's built from them before and thats what they used

    So place ur name here so i can tell the company how many were after and see if we can get a discount

    I cant garentee this will go ahead will need to see on there behalf if there ok with a bulk order and to offer a discount depending on numbers, I will call them tomorrow to get the go ahead

    so to get the ball rolling


  • 1.DaveMc
    2. - Lori

  • Right foned the place and there happy to do a group buy and offer a discount depending on numbers

    I will need to take my car in get it done 1st so they can make copy's to fit and will then be able to give me a price on how much they will supply the de-cat for you guys

    So i will go in say 3 weeks to get this done or sooner if I get a couple homers at work to do :D

    so names down people if interested


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