Follow-up to Presso Problem

  • 1995 Eunos Presso 1500cc

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks to all those who posted a reply to the problem with my Eunos Presso.

    Well I'm back to tell you the latest outcome.

    The problem actually got steadily worse, to the point where the the car was barely pulling and I thought I would have to park it up and get a tow.

    Fortunately I heard a slight 'popping' from the exhaust as I limped home and thought that the whole problem was not transmission at all.

    Anyway I made it home and then I went out and purchased a new set of plugs and a bottle Wynns fuel injection cleaner (just in case).

    The 'old' plugs didn't look too bad, although the outside ceramic looked pretty rust stained and crusty.

    Once the new plugs and Wynns were in, I took the motor for a spin and nearly killed myself. What had been a pretty lame duck from the outset, had now been transformed into a monster.

    The engine was suddenly more responsive and tons of power had arrived from nowhere. It was as though someone had dropped in a new engine.

    Since the car had always been a bit of lame duck from the outset (well its only a 1500 I thought) I didn't have a bench mark to judge just how well it should have been performing.

    Thank heavens I never put the car into a transmission workshop because I think it would have cost me a lot more than the £15 I shelled out for a new set of plugs a bottle of Wynns.

    There may be lesson in this for everyone.

  • Glad to hear it's all sorted mate. Now you can get on and enjoy the mx-3 for what it really is.


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