This is a bit confusing…...

  • I have been looking at this MX on ebay and things dont seem to add up.
    It has the JDM front splitter fitted, it has a rare wraparound rear spoiler, the bumper is wide enough to fit a UK number plate but it has reflectors fitted in the sides like an import. There is an extra fog light fitted at the bottom of the bumper and it is totally badged as a mazda mx3.

    Is it a rebadged eunos?? but then the rear number plate is rectangle and the imports usually only have room for a square plate. Why is there an add on after market fog light??? Where else could this be imported from

  • **I'd be marginally more concerned that the DVLA have no record of that registration.

    Looks like a Eunos though.**

  • Uk spec items:

    Mazda bonnet badge
    Mazda badges on the rear end. (eunos's don't have the "Mazda, ABS, MX3 badges)

    Imports have the fog light on the drivers side

    Import parts

    Front Lip
    Looks like the Eunos dash as well
    Can't make out if it says presso or MX3 on the rear right

    I'd say the hell away from it.

  • Thinking about it,

    If they picked up the Eunos didn't know what it was and just assumed it was a De-badged MX3, so they put the "Correct" badges on :(

  • my guese is its a import with uk badge on. the rear bumper is an import but they have cut out for the uk plates looks abit of a bodge if you look closely. it also dosent have reflectors on the front bumper like the imports have.must of had a new front bumper on at some point

  • I'd agree with Jay, It's an Eunos Presso with the UK spec badges put onto it. That rear numberplate cutout looks extremely bodged either way.

  • may have been in a rear end crash and fixed up with various parts!! just a thought!!! 8)

  • Well, it doesn't appear on the DVLA or the insurance database. Even my 1994 Fiesta, which was scrapped in 2001, appears on the DVLA database.

  • could be either, might have been a mx3 fan back in the day and got the parts

    Will need interior pics and engine code to be sure but for £1.495 would u really pay that? dang I would sell u mine for that lol


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