How to convert rear lights to twin rear side and fog lights

  • This is a guide on how to turn the rear lights of your mx into twin rear side lights with twin rear fog lights.

    This only works with lexus style rear lights, the standard lights can be converted but they do not have the bulb holder fixing in the rear passenger side light unit. The lexus lights do have a blank fitted so it will take the conversion.

    You will need…
    A pair of brake light bulb holders from a scrap MX3 with at least 15cm of cable on them.
    2 blue electrical tube connectors
    5 blue scotch loks
    1.5m of single core cable

    First remove the rear lights and when they are off you will see the cables run into the bodywork through a large rubber grommet. Pull the grommet out on each side and pierce a hole through the grommet, feed the single core cable through the grommet then feed it behind the plastic trim inside the boot across to the otherside then have it come out through the back of the other grommet.

    Like this with the blue cable I am using here

    Mazda wiring is quite basic and easy to figure out
    Black is earth/negative
    Red with green stripe is side lights
    Green is brake light
    2 standard brake light bulbs see bulb holder pic above

    Now using the scotch loks connect the red and black cable to the red and black cable coming from the bottom of the brake light bulb holder. the drivers side you only need to connect the red cable onto the drivers side brake light bulb holder

    Now passenger side connect the green wire to the cable you have run through the inside of the car using the tube connector.

    Now on the drivers side cut off the the fog light holder completely and connect the black cable to the black cable on the new holder and the green cable on the new holder to the red cable that used to connect the fog light using the blue tube connectors.
    Now the other end of the cable you ran through needs to be connected to the green joining red cable using the last scotch lok.

    When finished you need to fit standard brake light bulbs into the new holders you have connected

    ALL DONE, you now have twin rear side lights. the rear brake lights will work as normal and when you turn on the fog lights they will work on both sides properly

    Warning !! this increases the load on the side light and fog light circuits, you may need to upgrade the fuse to a higher amperage if they blow or replace the brake light bulbs with low voltage LED versions.


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