MX3's on the road… who beats what???

  • Just wondering really, cant seem to find anything in a UK chat about how fast MX-3's actually are on the road. EG: a KLZE conversion is 200 bhp in a car that weighs a just over a ton… in numbers thats Type-R/ Focus RS kind of teritory??

    I'm not wanting blst "I race imprezas" stories... but just wondering what people keep up with. Also will KLZE's will be pissing on Type-R's like they should be??

  • there are no street race tales on the website, but from what i see on, they kill CTR's and ITR's very well… and dont forget that they have less octane fuel :wink:

  • The best way to find out where you stand compared to other cars is to look at Weight, Torque and Drive (e.g front, rear or AWD)

    RWD cars accelerate better than FWD and AWD.

    AWD accelerates better than FWD.

    Torque is more important than BHP.

    Balance that all out and you can figure out where you stand against any car.

  • have taken out honda integras non v tec though but still thats a 1.6

  • ukmx-3admin said…

    RWD cars accerate better than FWD and AWD...

    Only when traction is broken..... as weight is transfered over the driven wheels, if two cars weigh the same with same bhp but one is FWD and one is RWD then acceraction should be compariable...

    Would you agree.. or perhaps im wrong??

  • As far as i know the engine thta i replaced in my car was a jap import k8 so its a baw hair more powerful. All of this was done on private roads :wink: :lol:

    With the 18s on i m a bit quicker than my mates 2.0 sri astra
    Piss all over civic vti s

    on back roads round the corners i leave teg tpye rs and accord type rs.

  • our's aint built yet but it should kill these once we get shifting into gears.


    none of them are near are bhp, well they aint standard any way lol

  • In a straight line, its not super quick, had a traffic light grand prix with a 306 2.0xsi and was about the same.. but I will be stripping her soon!! Its the twisty bits where these cars shine, they are so quick through the bends..


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