Stew's V6 Project

  • Well im new to all this forum stuff but am going to give this my best shot so any help / comments i would be greatful

    This is my mx3 how it stands at the moment. 1.8 v6

    I bought the car as a MOT failure as the previous owner was going to send her to the big scrap yard in the sky and i couldnt let that happen to such a nice looking car.

    She had a few things wrong with her such as the dreaded tin worm had been busy in the inner wheel arches, suspension spring had snapped and the engine was doin 20 miles to the gallon of OIL lol.

    1st job was to replace the broken spring i found a set of JAMEX 45mm lowering springs on a internet auction site for £91. while i waited for them i set about welding the holes just a couple of patches were required.

    And fitting a H4 12000k HI/LOW HID conversion kit i had from a previous car and a graphite / carbon fibre look sun screen

    I also decided to clean the alloys up their wernt any major scuffs or sctatches in them so just a quick once over with the wet and dry and a couple of cans of plasticote primer and couple of graphite and of course clear coat.

    Then to the test center and with my pass sheet for the tax

    Then it was back to the auction site for a new engine. Now there was a few to choose from, but i really didnt want to pay big money because my first plan was to put the car back on the road and sell it on for a profit.

    I email a guy who was scrapping a black mx3 on a P plate and in the description it said PRESSO ( didnt mean i thing to me ) so we came to a price of £150 and off i went to pick it up in Birmingham (only 4 and a half hours away !!) must say here thanks to the misses for taking me.

    Now this is where the fun started when i got about comparing the two engines i realised they were slightly different the new one had no pre CAT and a blanking plate where the EGR valve should be and it had air con pump (that was soon removed no need for air con where i live).

    So to get the engine to match up we had to do abit of cutting and weldding to the part of exhasut the guy had left on and part of mine leaving the pre CATs out and whiles the exhaust was off i made a decat pipe for the main CAT.

    New engine in with mushroom filter high performance sparkplugs and ignition wires

    Id drove the car with the old engine in a couple of miles and i was so shocked to feel the differance in power with the new engine and odd upgrade. A couple of thoughts came to mind that i wont be posting on here lol and one of them was "No way am i selling this car on this is mine for sometime to come" lol.

    Just added a set of Black lexus style rear lights to try bring the back upto date with its looks but to be honest im not to sure about them.

    And thats it so far apart from a few thank yous to my misses and kids for putting up with me To my good mate Pete for his mechanical expertise and my eldest son Charlie for lending a hand (hope the fingers ok kid).

  • Nice clean example this, the wheels look very nice (anthracite bro!), if you fancy swapping those black sexlus lights for some standard ones I would be willing to swap :wink:

  • Hiya and welcome, she looks nice overall, I know what you mean with the lexus lights they seem to suit certain colours, I bet if you went for the chrome they would go better with the black. You could take the plastic covers off quite easily and spray the insides. Also with that type mine leak like a sieve and need a good drop of sealer round the inside top edge to stop it otherwise they steam up and go green after a while.
    Another way to make the lights suit and make it good all round ( this stuff is legal on headlights too)
    dead easy to fit - 100% legal and very effective on all lights (yes including headlights)
    Hope to see of it soon, now you have the bug LOL

  • Welcome to the site bud! if the engine came out a Presso then thats the imported mx3 engine i think it has 5 or 15 more bhp same as myself :P

    Nice looking car bud

  • @6739f0cbfc=DaveMc:

    Welcome to the site bud! if the engine came out a Presso then thats the imported mx3 engine i think it has 5 or 15 more bhp same as myself :P

    Nice looking car bud

    Also redlines higher then the uk spec. (7.5k)

    Welcome to the Eunos club :)

  • Welcome to the site…

    Lovely looking car....

    Best of luck with it!! :wink:


  • Welcome to the site indeed, good write and up loving the pics. :D

  • WOW :D Thanks for all your comments and support. Ill be updating the best i can as i get on with my project but like most people its time and money and just like everyone else ive got a wish list the length of my arm lol


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