Fuel Reading

  • My new Eunos has the worlds best fuel useage.

    This might be down to the fact the bar never drops below 3/4 full. :)

    If I fill the tank it goes above the "top" and will trickle down as normal until around 3/4 full then just stop.

    It also likes to scare me senceless by dropping like a brick to Empty (Low fule light does not turn on) and then slowly climing back up to 3/4 full again.

    any ideas?

  • My fuel light doesn't come on either, but the gauge works fine, I honestly don't need a light to tell me when I'm running out of fuel either, you can just tell from how the engine is acting.

  • Sounds like the sensor in the tank has gone, I have not taken one apart on these before but a lot seem to have them built in with the fuel pump in the tank so it could be part of that, check the fuel tank in the manual it should just have the fuel pump in there, if it does it will be part of the unit

  • I'll take a look at the workshop manual to see whats up.

    Thanks for teh pointers.

  • @29abf0d98a=Lori:

    I'll take a look at the workshop manual to see whats up.

    Thanks for teh pointers.

    I am pretty sure if the pump is in the tank the unit will be on the pump itself so it maybe a case of changing the fuel pumps over to fix it.

  • **The pump is in the tank, yes. You need to take off the access panel under the rear seats to get to it.

    It could be that the floater attached to the pump assembly is sticky - it's indicating between full and 3/4, which would give the impression it's freely floating at those levels and then is catching or stopping on something.**

  • I noticed when removing/reinserting the fuel pump/sender assembly that it is very easy to misalign it and get the sender caught up on top of the baffling. If the baffling is bent (it is not particularly sturdy) that might be it. The whole sender may be one hole misaligned (I can't remember if this is possible, the fixing spacing should be 'poka yoke' - impossible to misalign.) It is worth removing the unit and checking it carefully.

    As with all fuel related stuff, take proper precautions. Ideally, you should disconnect the battery for a good couple of minutes beforehand, don't take your phone into the car, or any other electrical equipment. And save the cigarettes for later. :D


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