Ignition plug leads

  • Guys while iv been away iv done some work on the car and one of those jobs was to replace the plug leads as my no.2 was Fkd

    i bought 8.5mm magnicore leads (only reason i didnt get spitfire is cos they dont do em for the 1.5)

    but wow what a difference car is running so much better, quieter, smoother, not to mention acceleration has even changed

    remember to reset your ecu after yo put in new plug leads

  • Give it a couple of days and it will run even better….....once you reset the ecu it needs around that time to learn all the new values and adjust accordingly :wink:

  • I'm looking for a set myself, dunno whether I want to shell out £100 tho!

    How much were yours irish? Also, how incase I do get them, how do you reset the ECU?

    Cheers buddy!

  • unplug the positive cable off the baterry and keep the brake pedal pressed down for about 15 to 20 seconds. reconnect positive and your done.

  • nice ive always just done take battery out for 1hr and plug back in, but i suppose the brake press will light the bulbs and in turn drain the last power out the car with the battery dis-conected obv….

  • when you say its running better, whats better about it? is it quicker to accelerate or better starting or what, i want to make mine run great, and be a little bit quicker than standard but not too much due to insurance.

    i think im gona start to do regular oil changes and flushes, ive still got to do my bloody valve stem seals, hopefully once there done and the timing belt it'll be good, also what plugs have you got?

  • the cost me 142 euro inc 21 euro p&p

    well i was running on 3 cylinders so im now runnint on 4
    i have better mpg
    sounds better
    mo missfire!

    my no. 2 lead was fucked

  • Hi,

    I had a similar problem (lack of power and poor performance) and I recently traced this to a faulty ignition lead . . . cap to coil. The lead was totally broke and barely making contact, I only noticed because the rubber boot had split.

    I changed the plugs, cap and rotor arm in the same move.

    Now the car goes like a rocket.

    Is it really necessary that I reset the CPU ???

    'cos I'd hate to screw things up again.

    If so . . . how do I do this ???

    (1995 Eunos Presso 1.5 E-EC5s)

    I would really appreciate any advice on this one.


  • well tbh its personal preferance, i reset my ECU everytime i do a performance mod this is becuase basically your ECU programs itself to a degree, if you leave it as is it will eventually pick up the mod and adjust accordingly, altho reseting the ECU will make the process a little quicker, i do it but tbh i have never heard if this is fact or fiction, could just be an urban legend but ive done it this far with no problem ( touch wood ) so ill continue to do so, to Reset it, Disconnect Live from Battery, depress brake for 10-15secs and then reconnect live and your sortted….

  • Its no legend….........its a known FACT at Mazda :-)

  • ah kool kool, :)

  • the ecu should be reset as it adjusts the choke and air flow ans such as new parts are fitted for optmum performance


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