More help needed…Air Cond & radio

  • Now that I've got 12 mths MOT onto some of the other problems (not my strongest point electricals)…..

    1. Radio - works but seem to have a problem picking up on FM. Only get a clear signal from local station and mostly lucky to pick anything else up. Wasn't a problem on last car so figuring radio or aerial. Any simple ways to test the aerial?

    2. Air conditioning - probably needs re-gassing but at the moment just checking if works. If I switch on a/c with fan on speed 1 the a/c indicator light comes on. If turn fan up to speeds 2, 3 & 4 the indicator light goes off. I'm guessing dodgy relay (without any real logic) but a/c relay or heater relay (heater works fine on all speeds)/
    Anyone seen similar?


  • 1, try another stereo on the same antenna, if its the same its the antenna

    2. The AC when it comes on should not be affected whether its on 1 or 4 as that is just the heater fan on a separate circuit. To check the aircon is working put the fan on hit the AC button get out the car look under the bonnet and make sure the fan on the left side of the radiator has kicked in.

    There will be 2 fans the left is AC only and the right is engine cooling, if that kicks in then the AC will appear to be working. These cars do suffer badly with the AC rads leaking. If you look through the grill under the number plate you will see the AC rad on the left. If its got a leak in the system its 95% that as stones flying in there at 70 mph (UK LEGAL LIMIT 8) ) batter the crap out of it, you will also see the bent pipe that runs across the front that is the power steering cooler is there and your rad will like quite battered too.
    If you can fill the hole with some ally mesh to pimp it a bit but also protect everything in there

  • Hey did the radio ever work in the MX-3.?

    A few of the radio's that came in the AZ-3's have been sold on the net as replacements. or have been known to be mixed up in the factory, unless your car was brought into the country as a grey import.
    The main difference with the two radio's was the frequency band was very different… meaning that the Japan likes to be unique. So, the Japanese government mandated that Japanese FM operate from 76MHz to 90MHz. Which is, of course, different from most of the rest of the world, which operates from 88MHz to 108MHz. Because of this difference, a converter is necessary to make the FM tuners of Japanese Domestic Market car stereos work outside of Japan.
    They aren't hard to get, or expensive... ;-)

    Conversion chart for frequencies (you gotta decide which one best suits the stations you wanna listen to the most.)

    FM Conversion Table

    Japanese Frequency Range: 76.0MHz to 90.0MHz
    Converted Frequency Range w/ 12MHz converter: 88.0MHz to 102.0MHz
    Converted Frequency Range w/ 14MHz converter: 90.0MHz to 104.0MHz
    Converted Frequency Range w/ 16MHz converter: 92.0MHz to 106.0Mhz
    Converted Frequency Range w/ 18MHz converter: 94.0Mhz to 108.0Mhz

    Hope this helps.


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