Brake Caliper rebuild/refurb

  • Ok guys a pretty good MOT failure - if there is such a thing.

    Needs new pads (and discs because I will) at back end. But also failed on handbrake not holding on nearside. Tester looked at the respective cables and pointed out that the nearside was more stretched at the rubber boot on the caliper. He suggested a new caliper was easiest :(

    Being skint I'd prefer to rebuild/refurb the caliper - is this practical? Seen service kits for £25 from Budweg.

    Of course the other option is the pads are stuffed and new pads, liberal lashings of brake cleaner & wire brush with a dessert of copper grease will solve the problem.

    Not having played with Mazda brakes before looking for any experiences or thoughts.


  • if you send your busted calp to ford probe store you can get a new one for £75 i think then just whack it on. pads are pretty cheap there too, i have some budget ones and there lasting ok £28 for front and rear.

  • scrapyard

    £15 each for front caliper.
    £20 each for rear caliper.
    £5 for handbrake cable if got at same time as caliper if not £10 on its own.

  • Service kits are easy to install, I have done mine and it takes hardly anytime to do. As for failing on one side, these mazda's have a huge problem with the pistons seizing over time, you may find that if the piston has been seizing on that side the discs will have uneven wear on them too or the pads have a thin one and a thick one.
    Best option will be a scrappy as calipers are pricey and now you know what to check for to make sure you dont replace with the same

    Another option if you want to get new is search ebay and also look for the mazda 323 calipers, you will find they are the same as the mx on most models of the same age but because they are much more popular you will find they are about 25% cheaper but do try to check part numbers first and cross reference to make sure they are the same

  • My Eunos has 323 Calps :)

  • Got a refurb Budweg Caliper off ebay and fitted at the weekend….along with pads & discs both sides.

    One pad was worn much more than other on both sides but the osr caliper seemed to be slightly better than nsr (the one that failed). Made me a bit nervous on re-test today but passed no problem :D

    Lori's made me think - what parts are interchangable between the various models? My "hobby" is a '74 Triumph Spitfire, an awful lot of parts are common across Triumph/MG range from the time under BL.

    Is it worth a new thread somewhere suggesting parts interchangability?


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