Light weight bonnet?

  • Has anyone done a light weight bonnet, or does anyone have one for sale, carbon or pref. fibre glass?

    My car is stripped, but it is hard to remove weight from the front..

  • Would love to do this too. Only ever seen one rare fibreglass kit in the u.s must have been a one off kit. ( bonnet and arches ) would like carbon job but u.s seems to be main supplier. Then there's taxes and risk of damage!. I was thinking of driving to Germany, supply and fit then drive home.

  • Hey, see you are in southampton too, will be doing a meet soon if you are interested. I met someone at japfest who had a carbon bonnet on their MX.

    Its not that hard to make yourself with some resin and matt and a spare bonnet its just time consuming.

  • You could cut out all the under bonnet supports but don't know how rigid bonnet would be after, try a scrap one first.

    Have a look a kami project page. Could loose some weight and gain air.


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