Reluctant to start

  • I've noticed since I've had the mx that it seems to ocassionally have trouble starting.
    It starts instantly in the cold with no throttle and just a quick turn of the key but later in the day it'll need the starter motor running for about 3 seconds and about half throttle to catch. The starter motor is fine I'm sure cos it doesn't seem to struggle to turn the engine over, it just won't catch straight away.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • its not really any help but that sounds completely opposite to what normally happens to cars, my old one used to be awful at starting in the cold but later in the day it would fire right up no bother.

    useless info for you i know but i thought id post it any way!

  • check your plugs and leads, check the battery and the terminals on the battery, make sure all earths are ok aswell

  • Battery is only about a week or two old. did the same with the old battery
    Leads are about a year old, can't remember whether the plugs were changed at the same time or not.
    I work for an electronics company so I'll get a mili/microhmeter onto the earthing points tomorrow if I remember.
    Thanks for the info people. I'll let you know how I get on

  • dont you mean multimeter not micrometer :D

  • You cheeky bugger. £15 multimeter at home or £300 uber-accurate micro-ohmeter at work….
    Anyway, earthing is about 2.2-2.7 milli-ohms which ain't bad to say the least for a 15year old car!
    I'm thinking that plugs are probably the cause. Will see if I can get a decent set once I have a bit of cash!

  • Anyone using BOSCH SUPER4's? They're going fairly cheap on ebay so if anyone thinks they's any good then I'll give them a go.

  • I have a set of the Super 4s sat on my desk waiting to be fitted. Hopefully putting them in on Friday afternoon after work. Will let you know what happens. Im not expecting much I only bought them because (as you said) they were going cheap.

  • im taking it you do know you have to set the spark depth before changing your plugs????

    there not just plug and pray

  • By spark depth do you mean the gap on the end of the plugs? If so then they're pre set with the Super 4's if not then what do you mean?

  • basically the distance set from the firing pin in the middle to the metal arm on the outside, i wouldnt be 100% sure on the super 4's being set as they aren't mazda 1.6 or 1.8 specific, id double check, coz if to close itll mis-fire, if to far away same again..

  • does anyone know what the distance is?

  • 1.0-1.1mm :)

    And thanks for the heads up, I'll check them just to be sure. didnt get them in today as its to cold outside to be messing with my engine (Im a wuss I know :oops: )

  • lol um remeber plugs are diff for diff engine types mine was 0.039 - 0.042 1.8 V6

    and np m8, been lovely up here in scotland all week :)

  • looks like people are gettin mixed up with inches and mm.

  • yups both correct, look mine is in the { } i set all mine to 0.040 - 0.041 so tis fine and dandy :)

  • Hypnoticstoat, can u let me know when you put them in and what difference they make? Cheers mate


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