Handbrake light

  • Sorry if already queried?

    Basically if I accelerate hard or corner hard then the handbrake light on the dash comes on??? Any reason why this happens? I'm almost positive it's not a loose wire…?

    Cheers guys

  • Sounds like the switch may have gone, if it does it while its moving around it has to be something like that

  • had that problem myself, i checked the fluid and it was okay but my pads were worn down oddly cause i had fitted em incorrectly :oops: , now i would have guessed it would'nt be incorrect fitting but check them anyway, you never know. suppose you could have a leak somewhere but i would check fluid, pads and pipe work.

  • look at ur brake fluid as that shows up as the handbrake light if ther isnt enough fluid on the resorvior


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