Hub Studs

  • changing over my alloys 1 of the stufs have sheared, I know my bolts are a bit too tight and I am looking into a new decent set

    My question is how do i replace the studs and ware can i buy them from?

  • **I believe they're installed from the back of the hub. You'll need to remove the wheel, caliper and disc (obviously) and go from there.

    The front face is probably a plate, and behind that the bolts will be installed through at least one nut and washer. Having got to know Mazda over the last two weeks, you can guarantee there's an easy way with a convoluted special tool and a hard way involving a three foot breaker bar and lots of swearing.**

  • if its drivers side front I have a complete hub and bearing ready to go

  • Studs aren't screwed in - they have splines which are pressed/pulled into a plain hole in the hub flange.

    Like these:

  • so im pretty much fucked?

  • just get the whole hub assembly from a scrappy ???

  • I done exactely the same thing as i had alli light weight studs that had corroded to the stud, when i went to remove the nut it snaped on one side :( .
    Anyhow if its steel style the usual method is to weld to the nut and remove it that way.
    As mine was alli, they blow torched the stud and the nut came off as easy as pie despite being broken.
    The alloy was left with minimal damage and wouldnt even notice it had been torched!.
    Just find someone with a bit of forward thinking skill and your save £££s

  • i'd just swap the hub only £15 from a scrapyard

  • What im going to do i think


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