AC Removal

  • Has anyone removed theres and noticed what kind of gain they got out of it?

    My old MX5 had its removed and when next to 1 with it it pulled alot faster.

    I know the stuff has a fair amount of weight and it free's up the engine as less strain, any have an estiamte figure to what it can gain

  • Interested as well.. :wink:

  • me too

  • Never had it on the MX but removed the AC on my Astra, it gets better MPG runs smoother and pulls a little better.

    Easy job really only took and hour to remove all pipes pump and rad.

    Had to remove one sensor from pipe work and plug back in to turn engine management light off.

  • I've removed the A/C from both of my klze mx-3's… I didn't do any dyno testing before or after to compare...

    I would guess the gains are probably VERY minimal maybe 1-2 hp max, basically because I really couldn't feel a difference... would love to see factual evidence though...

  • done a few web searches about it and yeah they normally say 1-2bhp

    its just the differnce my MX5 was compared to others all it had was a cat back exhaust and induction kit

    before was equal after it was a rocket :S


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