Headlight removal

  • can somebody please put up an idiots guide to removing the headlights please :?:

  • **It's not a fun job, that's for sure. I don't recall precisely what I did, but I recall starting with them and ended up dismantling most of the front of the car (since I was doing it anyway) before they popped out.

    I'll go have a squizz today and see what I can conjure up.**

  • remove the front bumper, the bolts securing the headlight on the slam panel, and a bolt or two, once the bumper is off itll be clear what to do,

  • Very quick dirty way.

    Undo the splash guards around the front of the front wheels enough to get to the mount that connects the front bumper to the front wings.

    Remove the sockets around teh headlights(2 on top, 1 on side)

    Remove the sockets at the top of the front bumper mounts) - 1 each side near the center of the bumper)

    Jack car up on the front, under the front main beams - There is one nut either side (Looking up) remove these.

    Look down between the front bumper and the front engine bay metal brace, (start drivers side - Easyer)

    Almost directly behind the headlight is a 14Mill nut, Remove this, and the one on the passanger side.

    (all bolts are 14Mill - Best tool as it's a bitch to get a socket set down there, is a 14mill socket spanner with a directional head)

    This will free the main front support beam from teh car, then just pull :)

    I'll ship up a guide next time i'm around the area.


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