How to host anything

  • How to host anything with Lori's free hosting service.

    First off, I do this for a few sites I'm on and there are rules.

    1 - Put nothing on here that's going to get me into any bother.
    2 - Keep it clean chaps.
    3 - Make a directory with your username, and keep it in there.
    4 - I have the right to remove anything I want from it.
    5 - I get E-mails every time a file gets put on.
    6 - Don't give out the passwords to none-members, I'm not a charity.

    The start of something good.

    "Filezilla" is a open source FTP client, used for transferring files to a server.

    Step One:

    Download filezilla from Here:

    Pick the one for your setup, (most of the time it's the top link Win32 setup)

    Step Two:

    Installing (Just like normal software - if you do need a hand, just follow the 6 screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

    Step Three:

    Account details

    Open the Site Manager and fill in the details.

    Port: <blank>Server Type: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    Logon Type: Account
    User: MX3
    Password <not that="" easy="" guys="">Account: Yes

    Then just hit connect!

    Step Four:

    Final Touches

    Once connected you can see two folders:>htdocs>htdocs>MX3Members

    Double click on the MX3Members folder.
    Right click and Create a new folder. (Please name it to your forum ID)
    Drag and drop your files into your directory.

    Once it's uploaded right click on the file, and click on "Copy URL to clipboard"


    This gives you this:

    http://www ****Images/ForSale/RearLights.JPG

    You need to edit whats above to give you whats below.

    Basically- Remove the bold and add the italic


    I'm not going to post the password here, but willing to give it out to members who want it.

    Directory permissions might be off to start with so need a few testers :)

    That's all for tonight, I'll update tomorrow night and I think i'll retype the steps 3 and 4, I don't think there very clear.</not></blank>


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