Eco tek(sp) valve??

  • any body ever fitted one to a 1.6? I would like to get one if the storys of the fuel consumtion are true and its extra chrome for the enginge bay!

  • I've not seen one fitted to a 1.6 but I fitted one to my 1.8 and the stories are not true. These things are a load of bull and make a noise like a dying duck. There was a thread a while back about this in the v6 engine section


  • my mate has one on his escort and its sounds alright, he's got the filter too though thats how i'll do it if i get one. If i see a cheap one on ebay i'll get it but not gona spend full price.

  • i have one with the PiperX filter on it, but its purely for asthetics as it does nowt and sounds awful but looks good

  • so what is this ecotek thing? is it worth looking for on ebay?

  • Its a small valve that fits to your engine and is supposed to give you an increase in fuel economy and help eliminate flat spots.

    No it doesn't work and no its not worth wasting your money / time looking for one on Ebay.

    Think about it, if this really did what it claimed then with every car manufacturer trying to "out green" each other they'd be rushing to have these fitted to every car as standard.

  • i doubt any car manufacturer would go put these on their new cars… they'd just design the IM so it doesn't need it... arent these for older cars like ours? (not that i'm saying it truly works... but inventions are made that improve older designs)

  • Possibly, but speaking as someone who fell for the hype a few years back I can categorically say without a shadow of a doubt these things dont work. I wish they did because i could do with a few extra MPG from my tank :(


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