Headlight Beam Adapters.

  • Hi,

    Mazda Eunos Presso 1490cc - 1996

    Does anyone have a clue how to fit the Headlight Beam Adapters (Halfords), for continental driving.
    The included 'How-to' is "this side of useless".

    Planning a drive to Germany next week, so any help would be appreciated.



  • are they the stick on ones ?

  • @1fc76156ed=djmarcopolo:

    are they the stick on ones ?


    Yes, they are the standard 'Halford's' stick on's.

    They are are also labeled as "Eurolites"

    Thanks for picking up on my problem.



  • They are to stop the glare at euro drivers so its just to cut the beam of light down so it just stays towards the ground and not in their eyes

    I am pretty sure they have to go dead in line with the main bulb and the tail
    towards the passenger side of the car and that cuts the beam right down to sort it

    I have done a diagram for you

  • Hi DJ,

    Thanks for the reply and the effort producing a diagram.

    I'll wait till it gets dark and give it a go.




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