Final calls on my engine, ecu, vaf, cts

  • Hey !

    I have been driving my loving mx3 for 2 weeks now, she goes very well to be honest, and its weird, she should not!

    What i have is:

    My K8 ECU ( which is chipped from a german company, SKN-TUNING )
    Not sure what they've done to it, its supposed to add +10hp atleast.

    JE50 VAF
    This combo have worked okey, good pull, good power, except a little bad throttle response, so i ordered Probinator for Curved Neck with JE50 VAF.
    I still have not received the chip yet so i tried some more combos.

    My sister have a JDM KLZE and is running it with Probinator in K8 ECU and with the KL02 VAF, running great.

    She had one more chip with the exact same config so i got a KL02 today and fired it up with the same chip as my sister. The car ran awful, bad idle, bad power nothing good at all, and i find this very weird since i have the exact setup as she except that i have the hybrid klze from Millenia -95+.

    I switched to my K8 chip from SKN-TUNING, keeping the KL02 vaf, she ran great! Better throttle response than with JE50 VAF, slightly rougher idle, but it feels like she is pulling same power as with JE50.

    Weird, i'm really confused, i cant wait to try with probinator that is made for my curved neck and JE50 but my engine should run good with my sister chip, i dont get it, well she have a straight neck but still ..

    Any ideas on this one or do just have to wait for my probi for my curved/je50.

    Also, on Monday we are gonna fix the ignition perfect, setup the coolant sensor that is missing.

  • So, i had to change back to JE50, it did run crap when running longer miles.

    Today we fixed the ignition timing also drilling the coolant sensor from my k8 engine into the klze, worked perfect.

    Emissions test failed like never before yuck, still waiting for my probinator and if that does not work i just got hold of the .bin file from a KL31 ecu so i can program my own eprom.

  • i thing probinator is best chip for u or other option is Megasquirt.


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