Suggestions of what to put in place of the 'Tape Holders'

  • Any ideas in what to put in place of the hagard tape holders?

  • I've been thinking about that for a while. My plan was to put a fitted piece of smoked perspex in with a bluetooth GPS receiver behind so that any bluetooth device can use it and you can see the status LEDs through the glass.

    be interested in any other ideas tho.

  • Yeah, thats exactly what I was thinking, cos I've just got a Navman and I don't wanna put it on the windscreen too much, as if your car gets the marks on the windscreen it's a lot more likely to get broken into by ppl thinkin you have the tomtom in the glove compartment…

    BUT then I realised that it would be slightly impractical, as you would have to keep looking down and could be a bit dangerous!

  • Na, I have tomtom on my phone and I have a phone holster and hardwired charger. The GPS receiver is a completely seperate receiver that passes the satalite information on to any other bluetooth device. I can also hardwire it into the switched power of the car so that it comes on when I start the engine.

  • Might wire up an oil gauge and make my own surround,

  • Oil, current and voltage would be nice.

  • Thats probably wat il do, al depends on how hard to do the oil gauge!


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