JDM, Ident and parts list?

  • Mods can edit this as they wish with info they have:

    Post objective:

    Ident and collect info on JDM Mazda MX-3 parts.

    As far as I can gather JDM parts are higher-quality parts that Mazda fitted to some MX-3's

    Floor mats:

    Black and red


    Wing Mirrors:

    Electric from dash
    (Imported MX-6 mirrors can be installed for heated and auto-retractable ones)


    Rasied (Eunos Style)

    Wrap Around (MX-3 Canada style)

    Front Lip

    Split type and more sticky outty at the front

    Image of both the Normal and JDM front lips.

    Indiglo Badges


    Picture Needed

    Picture Needed

    Ninja Edit:
    I'l update with images of the parts if you have any, post em up and we can get a very nice mod to add them to the thread :)

    Many thanks to all the people who I steal images from… :wink:

  • As a side note, most of the sought after JDM parts are exclusive to the Eunos Presso, such as the fancy lip, floormats etc. I'm rather sure that the Autozam AZ-3 was put to the JDM market as a cheaper alternative to the Presso, which is probably why I've never seen a V6 AZ-3.

    Something to note also are the 2 different full length sideskirts offered:

    I've been trawling google.co.jp lately, was quite suprised to find these:

    I've a feeling that these options would only have been availible on the top spec GT-X Presso's.

    Here is where I found the model codes:


  • ive got the indigo eunos badge but it doesnt light up :S

  • This interior is almost identical to my Equipe interior, just they fitted mine with turquoise stitching

  • Yours is half leather & suede though? The Eunos one is 2 tone but in all leather.

  • Nope, Eunos is half leather and half multi stitched vomit looking material.

  • @c683b775a2=Lori:

    Nope, Eunos is half leather and half multi stitched vomit looking material.

    Yes mine used to be white but now look like a tramps sock even after a good clean

  • The indiglo badge, is that ment to light up with the side lights or braking? if so mine isnt working will be looking into it at the weekend to try get it glowing again :D

  • @054d341014=Lori:

    Nope, Eunos is half leather and half multi stitched vomit looking material.

    hmm, I'm sure I saw a full leather Eunos interior at some stage though. That pic I posted is full two-tone leather too I think and is definitely from an Eunos.

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