Rear Camber Adjustment

  • I've been looking at my car and noticed that the nearside rear wheels camber is a little off. I've measured it and there is 1/4 of an inch difference from the offside.

    Can anyone tell me how to adjust this so they are right?

  • Techically, you shouldn't be able to - independently.

    Which is most correct according to the book? The one with the new damper, or the other one? It is feasible your new rear strut does not have precisely the same hole positions and has take a different camber set by design.

    Otherwise, I would think you're looking at some other problem here. It is possible you have a broken spring, or something is bent (which can only really be the strut rod, or your fixed lower link - and the adjustable one has been set to cope.)

    Check your rideheights side to side, check your toe also.

    However, should everything be okay, you'll need some camber adjustment bolts. I will be ordering some tonight in my US bulk buy.

  • Ride height seems fine (apart form how high it is ; ) ). It seems out on the new strut and there's always been a rubbing noise (even with the old strut on) coming from the rear nearside end.

    I think I'll have to let you have a look sometime when you're round at Fams again, although it seems strange that it wasn't brought up when the garage (and I trust them, they have done repairs for me for free a few times) noticed the strut leaking and replaced it.

    Maybe it could just be my wonky eyes (but I've measured it).

  • Camber adjustment bolts = £9 each. One will do you, so you can dial in the worst shock. Of course, with one per-corner, you could dial in more negative camber all around if you so desired. With two per-corner, you could dial in ridiculous, VeeDub-esque camber settings. :D

    Spec says ±2deg on one bolt, ±4 degrees on two bolts. You'll never need more (less) than -2deg camber unless you're raping around Knockhill on slicks.

    I'm getting a small stock anyhow (more than enough to sort Marvin out) so I can sort you out with however many you need.

  • Liking the idea, negative camber here I come :lol:

    Probably won't go as far as my mates S14a mind

  • Jesus H Christ that looks bad.

  • negtive camber is fine (to a point) just like stretching tyres is - to a point. And here…. that point has been well and truly blown into the weeds.

    That rim fit is too extreme - so much so as to be dangerous... and worthy of note from an eagle-eyed copper. If they wanted to be vindictive, they'd trailer the car for that according to the unwritten WTF rule, and take you home in the squad car until you could find some alternate rims. Don't do it, kids.

  • So you've given yourself TWO jobs to do on Bert now, springs and negative camber adjustment. I think I'll have to get me some dished wheels to go for the whole broke/euro stance :lol:


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