I don't like it :(

  • There is a funny noise coming frm my p/s front, i have had a good look, now i have changed the discs and pads so it can't be that, should there be any play in the disc if rotated by hand like 3 inchs each way?

    thats when i get this odd crunchy noise, i say crunchy it could be grindy, now is this bearings? is this easy to do myself? should i panic?

    if i do one side should i do the other?

    so many questions

  • firstly is it a knock or is it something that speeds up or changes with accelleration or moving

    If its a knock, it could be a bush or something on the suspension like a shock

    If its a a noise that changes with speed then its to do with drive train
    Drive shaft, CV joint or wheel bearing

    You say its when you turn the wheel by hand you hear a grinding noise, this could be that the pads and discs are bedding in and toushing slightly, I have it with mine when I have done it and give it another 500miles the ridges etc wil smooth on the disc and pads and should go quiet

  • okay cool so it speeds up and slows down and its not a knocking, and its when i move the disc by hand that its also makes that noise, just been out to check and when on full lock it has a sharp metallic click or under heavy breraking, then it just ticks along until around 40mph then i can't hear it at all.

  • Could be the the pads rubbing slightly on the disc, stone or something got caught up in there???? Are the slider pins on the caliper free and able to move?

    A metalic click on full lock suggests it the CV joint, if they get really bad/dry they will click constantly.

    When you say 3 inches of play on the disc when you rotate it?? what are you rotating? the disc might move around on the hub while the wheel is off but not by 3 inches? The wheel studs will sort of hold it in place. If the hub stays still but you rotate the disc there will be play, say 1 or 2 mm but that's about it. If you're rotating the disc and hub 3 inches each way before it stops it will be cos the car is in gear and locking up on the force of the engine. That is normal, you always get some noise as the diff takes up the slack. Don't worry about that.

    Wheel bearing noise will be like a whine or grumble which will increase with road speed. After 40mph it will be quite loud needing the stereo turned up to drown it out loL!!

    If you get a noise that increases with engine speed (goes up and down with RMP) then thats gear box related.

  • think it must be the cv joint then cause its a clicking for sure, it does not get louder though, if i take the disc at 9 and 3 i can turn it either way on the hub.

    do u know if thats a tricky job to replace?


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