No spark ,,help

  • hi everyone newbie here ,,ive recently replaced the engine on my 96 mx3 v6 ,,there was no spark at the plugs on the old engine ,,suspected dizzy failure again ,,i found a comlete engine cheap ,so replaced the lump ,,i was told the engine and dizzy came from a running car ,but think it was an earlier model ,,i believe the dizzy changed in 96 ,,what was the difference ,,see im not sure if ive still got a faulty dizzy or its just the wiring is different ,,please help pics of wiring would be great ,,thanks

  • Look at the codes on the dizzy, garanteed they are different.

  • In 1995 the mx-3 changed from OBD-I to OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics versions 1 and 2 respectively)
    This meant that the whole wiring loom for the car was changed to incorperate the new system. THis may be part of your problem, but ofcorse it may not be!

    Might be an idea to request that people post the year of their cars and model number of dizzy???

  • I think along the same lines as bellers, we have had this problem before with some motor swaps, so please start there. Also a lot of ODB2 have key recognition (chip in the key) and thas why the wiring on the dizzys was changed.

  • thanks ro

    for all your replys ,,very helpfull ,,is there any optoin to rewire at the dizzy or what about doing the hei module thingie ,,,i have seen the instructions how to do it but this is for a 94 model ,,mines a 96 model ,,,thanks


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