• Noob MX3 owner from Australia, joined the Aussie Eunos/MX3 forum but, seems a little quiet on that forum, hoping to get the info I need here.


  • Hi, thanks for the welcomes, here are some pics of my new baby. I have just about completed the conversion to manual from auto and there are a couple of things that I still need to do. Bleed hydraulic clutch, jump the wires to trick the computer and to get reverse lights.

    In the middle of the conversion, thanks to my boss for letting me use the hoist :D

    Auto and manual side by side

  • Hi, you'll like it here, everyones got answers it great!
    lovin those wheels, and is that a pinstripe? VV nice :D

  • Very tidy indeed.

    Are you using the auto engine ECU with the manual box? What (if anything) did you need to jump/modify to get it to work?

  • The wraparound spoiler looks great. Nice car. 8)

  • Looks like you have slicks fitted to the front! 8)

  • welcome to the site… nice that you have access to a lift! It looks like you know what you are doing if you were able to accomplish the auto to manual swap without much help! 8)

  • Had to do it


  • No worries mate, G-day :D , I'll answer the q's this way lol, okay, I'm using all the original loom and ecu, she doesn't have cruise control so apparently I don't need the clutch plug hooked up, I am tricking the comp by jumping the 6-9 pin via a straight wire jump so, the comp thinks it's in park and will start, then I'm jumping the 1-4 pins so that the reverse lights will work. The front tires are bald they were like that as they were from another car and the bloke I bought the MX from threw them in with the deal :D all up so far it has cost $1200 Aussie dollars, it came with the four original alloys (new tires), the complete change over parts (gearbox, CV's ect), a brand new clutch kit, the 17's that you can see in the pic so, I'm pretty happy about the whole thing and this car, I dunno' why but, I instantly liked it the minute I saw it, there is just something about it that I find very appealing, I just like the whole look of it, the v6 with options to get a bigger v6 (KLZE).

    And Mooneggs I have read nearly every post you have written on nearly every MX3 related site LOL, I wouldn't mind catching up and saying G-day in person one day.

    Cheers fella's.

    Another question should I, maybe start a new thread in the forum regarding the conversion or are mods/admins happy to leave it in here?

  • Moved as requested. :D

  • Thanks, much appreciated :D

  • That 30x is in Noble green with the wrap around spoiler I want

    Do you want to swap it for an RS spoiler in black :D :D :D :D

  • Thanks for the offer mate but, I'm kinda' attached to it :D what does the RS spoiler look like?

    The conversion is complete, she lives! I had hooked up the reverse wires wrong at first and they were staying permanently on, it's all sorted now. The idle was a bit rough too, I had a play around with the ICS and the idle screw and she seems to be running very well now, I will be getting a new one shortly just to play it safe, all I can say is 'WOW' what a car I have never driven one before and for a small hatch back she can get up and go, might have to find a KLZE now the bug has bit me! :D

  • KLZE bug is a wonderful bug…

    I'll have mine one day lol

  • ive got the KL-ZE bug hopefuly it will be a KL-ZE turbo
    what ive read people that have done the ze all said that they would never go back to the k8

  • okay todays update, she was running fine and had organised to get a blue slip (registration check) I think you call them MOT's and as I was about to drive over to the testing station she started running rough, bad idle ect, I did a quick search on the work computer and found that possibly the TPS is shot, checked it and seems that could be the problem, ordered another one $110 Oz dollars, should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed that that is the problem, I checked for vacuum leaks ect and seems fine, also checked the temp switch as when I unplugged it the idle ran fine and when I plugged it back in, it ran rough again but, our work mechanic checked it with a mult-meter and says that the ohms are within the acceptable levels. I don't mind dramas with cars I have owned a few GSi Barinas (Corsa B) so I know what to expect LOL

  • :D Seems the TPS, a stuffed no.2 plug lead and timing was the problem, I have a temporary lead hooked up at the moment, fitted and adjusted the TPS and will be getting new spark plugs and leads tomorrow. Very happy, she runs great, off to the testing station tomorrow hoping she will pass, wish her luck!

  • Good stuff. Was the TPS actually out of range/dead or did it just need setup properly? Good luck with the test!

  • Cheers Marco, the TPS was stuffed, they do eventually wear out, seems a lot better now, took her to the testing station in the morning and drove the GSi around there from work around lunchtime and the bloke said he hadn't had a chance to get to it yet, probably wouldn't get to it till tomorrow :roll: which is fair enough I suppose, they are pretty busy. Hopefully will all be done tomorrow and I'll see what it needs to pass if anything.
    On another note I had a bloke at my work chase up a turbo KLZE for around $850 Oz dollars, which is probably around five pounds UK money lmao so, will be looking into possibly buying that shortly, just need to get her on the road legally first!

  • A bit of an update, she failed her roadworthy grrr, the left front strut is a bit soft apparently and the rear rocker cover gasket is leaking a bit of oil. So I ordered a brand new set, they wanted $30 each gasket but, because I got them through work the trade price was $32 the pair :D found a pair of struts through another wrecking yard for around $77 each, I may as well just lower her with some Kings spring or something maybe that will stiffen her up a bit? She seems fine to me but, he's the 'expert' so will have to take him at his word.


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