What shall I do ????

  • I was bidding on a 97 V6 track day car, I was just outbid on it but the buyer didnt realise it was stripped.

    I have been offered the chance to buy and thinking about breaking it
    It had a spare engine V6
    The car is fully race prepared and methanol injected with custom exhaust bodykit plus all the original fittings, a set of 100+ 17" alloys with kumo tyres
    Has brand new unfitted button start and harness kit as well as all the oem stuff
    If I bought it would anyone be interested in the car as a whole as I am only interested in the spares that come with it and maybe the exhaust off it and the lexus lights and the alloys and sell it with the standards, its MOT til october but no tax and would need collecting from southampton

    It is race prepared to run on methanol mix and the main sponsor on the car has offered unlimited discount to whoever owns the car for racing fuel in the future

    Its been offered to me very cheap but wanna know if anyone would take the car complete as its ready to race coz I dont really have the space for it

    If I buy it would anyone want a stripped out V6 for £200 with mot til october

  • Did it have a cage inside? Also if bucket seats possible if they are to my liking. Also harness if to my likeing.
    Don't know if methonal injection would pay off getting fuel pricey ?

  • I am waiting for interior photos so do not know about cage, methanol i will look up tomorrow to find out what its about, I have made an offer just waiting for him to accept and will keep everyone posted
    The harness is new in bag will let ya know if I own it tomorrow

  • i want the harnesses if its got any

    aslong as price is right

  • I now own it properly and collecting it thursday, will put a list of spares on here but I will be selling these that I know of already…

    the harnesses - 1st choice garfy - 2nd welly
    The push button start kit
    The M3 style mirrors in red
    the 17" 100+ alloys with kumo tyres
    The spare K8 V6 engine with 65k on it
    the complete car with remaining interior and OEM wheels with MOT til oct plus all sponsors on the bodywork will get your details for major discounts on their shops (thats the deal with the logos)
    main sponsor is these guys - http://www.alcohol-injection.com/
    The full bodykit - front rear + skirts after I have repaired front one - jay mx3

    All spare items will be sold cheap on here before ebaying them

  • pm sent about the bodykit?

  • all i need to know is what colour it is. If its red then it wont fit my colour scheme. Ideally prefer black, possibly blue. If not then offer is all wellys.

  • @adab70d89d=jay:

    pm sent about the bodykit?

    sold to the first bidder

    Will upload pix thursday night and full list of spares for sale including the whole car very cheap

  • has it got bucket seats by any chance? i need some harnesses and buckets cheap

  • Got the car today, well I got what I paid for LOL
    The engine is running rich for some reason and just smells of excessive fuel from the exhaust and is leaking a lttle oil.
    All that is inside is a drivers seat and the dashboard dials thats it, it is stripped bare, the bonnet has a bit of rust but the rest is pretty tidy
    The body kit is sold to jay
    There is nothing inside except 2 seats and one isnt fixed down
    It has had a new cambelt and brand new distributer and does have a huge amount of service history for £1000's before it was wrecked like this, appears to have had 2 lady owners most of its life before this

    There is a K8 V6 engine with around 70k on it available for £50 collection only if anyone wants it before its ebayed

    There will be the 100+ 17" alloys + kumo tyres available in the pics for £100

    The car will have the OEM rear bumper fitted for sale and the exhaust is staying with the car and a set of OEM alloys with nearly new tyres in great condition

    I have had the lexus lights and the OEM lights will be fitted

    The car is available to club members for £150 - MOT til 9 october ebay will have it from the 17th onwards

    Sorry for the picture size I did a bulk upload and they didnt resize :evil:

  • This is the damaged front bumper that came with it

  • did you find out about harness mate?

    least you can compare advantage of striped vs not stripped v6.

  • @93bc755f21=Garfy1981:

    did you find out about harness mate?

    least you can compare advantage of striped vs not stripped v6.

    Will Pm you shortly

  • how have i got 2nd dibs when i asked first :lol:

  • Put interest in harness on the 2nd post of topic lol
    anyhow thanks for your pm dj but they are not my taste. You can forward details to welly but cheers for the quick reply.

  • @ce7553136d=Welly:

    how have i got 2nd dibs when i asked first :lol:

    He asked about 4 hours before on the topic above :)

    PM sent


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