Thinking of selling

  • Sorry guys, I'm getting a bit bored of the MX3 so I am thinking of selling up and getting something else.

    Car has just had the rear brake discs and pads replaced and also the Passenger rear shock, been MOT'd and Tax until the end of the year. It's running 15" TSW Blade alloys that have been refurbished and powder coated (have a few marks on them). Air pipe has been replaced, new rear seats and Huge asbo exhaust :lol:

    The front bumper is in need of some attention and so is the front passenger wing but otherwise it is spot on.

    It will have a V6 splitter fitted very soon with Seat Leon splitter also.

    It's a 1.6 16v DOHC with around 104, 000 miles on it.

    I am not committing to sell this is why I have placed it in the General section but throw me some figures and I may consider.

  • **jaw drops

    I'll take you out in Red when she has a year's ticket :D**

  • :( Be sad to see you leave the fold but I sorta find the same with my 1.6 sometimes, I don't think there's anything in the same little coupé category which offers as much though, bar a V6/KLZE MX-3. (Hint Hint :D) What are you thinking of going for?

  • Sorry to see it and you leave the fold, but I'd get the V6 before you give up on the MX-3's.

  • i agree the v6 is totally different on power and more fun to drive dont give in yet until you have driven one

  • I think I'd spat my dummy finding out that my more economical and easier to get bits for 1.5 Civic had more power than my MX3 with it's bigger engine and extra Cam. I'm back on track now guys :D

  • Dude dont leave, just upgrade you wouldnt regret it with a V6 just look at this picture representation below

    its like being married to a celebrity


    Completely different league

  • damm never considered my 1.6 focus to my 2.5 mx3 but when you think of it like that your prob right!!.

    Would agree upgrade or atleast try the v6. If you were 200 miles closer this way id let you have a go of mine.

  • Cheryl Cole only comes under V6 while she has malaria….

    After that she's V12!!

  • @4a98d00a91=nexussteve:

    Cheryl Cole only comes under V6 while she has malaria….

    After that she's V12!!

    I have a problem with that, I could listen to a V12 all day.. where her… I'd last about 2 hours.

  • You took the words right outta my mouth!

    Shame you can't do the same to her! :p

  • If I'm gonna be getting anything when I've finished with the 3 I'll be getting one of these

    Proper old skoooool :lol:

    I've set my goal now to have one of these in the future, a 1970's Honda Civic 1500.


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