Throttle body

  • Has anyone done a throttle body swap from the standard to the v6? Oris this even possible?

  • K, found this on

    The stock (K08) 1.8L V-6 throttle body is 55mm diameter. The (KL) 2.5L V-6 (MX-6/626) is almost identical to the stock 1.8L TB except for it has a larger 60mm bore and can be over bored to 65mm. You will have to swap the ISC valve that is attached to the Throttle body. Technically the ISC valve are also the same but the difference is the location of the vacuum ports and coolant passages are in different places.

    So does this mean I would need to relocate the vac ports and coolant passages?

  • Ask jay mx3 - he has both 1.6 and 1.8V6. :D


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