Pulling error codes

  • Trying to find out the error codes on my car - no CEL so am wiring up the diagnostic connector in the engine bay as per advice on here from the knowledgable guys. Car is a 1997 1.5 Jap spec, called a eunos presso here in Cyprus.
    So far I have put a jumper wire betweem Ten & Grd and then an LED between +B and FEN but am not getting any show on the LED (which is working- checked it across the battery, thought it might have been a dud). Have got it lighting if I jump it from +B to body ground though, so it looks like the FEN connector may be the problem. Thought the LED would light up to show it was in diagnostic mode then start its cycle but nothing, cant believe I have no errors as the car runs bloody bad at times especially when braking to a stop it idles down and stalls - dangerous if your turning a corner - no p/steering!
    Any thoughts or recommendations.

  • First thought that comes to mind would be to have a very good look around the induction pipe the one between the tb and maf…, take it off and give it a through going over looking for splits or hole in it..this is a common prob with the mx and usually indicates poor running and idle..

    If thats ok then take a look at your icv it under the tb this can get clogged or dirty and cause an idle issue... also take a look at the cts (coolant temp sensor) this can display the same issues of rough running and idle...

    Hope this helps keep us updated...


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