1500 engine help

  • Does anyone know where i can source parts for the 1500 spec engine as im struggleing to get bit for it. Plus anyone know what the performance figures are for it as well. As to be honest i might look at an engine conversion while ido her up any help on this would be great.

  • Most of the engine parts from the DOHC 1.6 are the same. Depending on the year of yours it'll either be rated at 120bhp (early 1.5's) or 115bhp (later 1.5's), versus the 108bhp in the 1.6's. Can do a 2.0 Ford Probe manifold mod but meh….I'd rather put the money toward an engine swap.

    For an engine swap, go for a BP or BPT, 140bhp - 210bhp. Plenty of information about the BP swap on the MX-3.com forums. I'm hoping to go this route eventually. Plenty of cheap early 90's 323GT's around with the 140bhp BP lump.

  • mines a 1994 model. might go for the engine swap, as this seems the better option for good bhp for the money, which cars are good for donars. I am suprised that there is very few part available for such a cool looking car.

  • Yours should be OBD1 (I think all the Jap ones are, or so I've read, but happy to be corrected if anyone knows different), so read up on the MX-3.com forums about the swap as much as you can.

    The early 90's 323GT, 323GTR + GTX all have the BP in them, the latter 2 have the BPT. Upto 210bhp depending which you go for.

  • If it was me i'd still buy a cheap 1.8 V6 with a duff engine and then put a KLZE in it.

    Hard to find a BPT with low milage and they are not cheap in good condition and expensive to rebuild.

  • @03313eb179:

    Hard to find a BPT with low milage and they are not cheap in good condition and expensive to rebuild.

    exactly what i found out after researching, if you did want a 1.8 16valve turbo
    you could start with the block&head out of a mx-5?!

    must admit im slightly torn between my 1.6 turbo or a KLZE
    (basicallly cause i want a white mx-3,lol)

  • Would the standard 1.8 v6 go in, as i can get my hands on a complete engine. Or are these engines different.

  • 1.5 / 1.6 to V6 swaps are a bitch because its completely different loom and set up, there is a shed load more work involved than the V6 swaps, for the sake of the extra work, it would be cheaper and easier to buy a V6 and work up from there


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