• I need to either fix the one in "Eunos2" or swap the one from "Eunos1" into E2

    2 options

    1 Try and fix the chips in the one.
    2 Swap em over.

    How hard is it to get windscreens out, and do these hellfrauds fix windscreen chip things work?

  • Autoglass will do it for nothin if your fully comp? How big r the chips? Pics?

  • There less then 1cm square and just at the bottom of the passengers side, I'll get pics later this week when I'm back at the car.

  • If you have fully comp insurance then go for the £50 repair, it doesnt effect your NCB, if you dont have fully comp…..

    Shop around the price of windscreens not going through the insurance ranges hugely, we got one at work for a 1999 vauxhall omega down to £110 fitted from some companies offering over £400


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