Stall but dont stall??????

  • not sure if ment to go here but confused and need help.

    had to replace battery the other day. everything was fine. traveled 90 miles today back to uni. did a few things in halls then went to get food. pulled up to round about. and car revs dropped low!! and lights dash lights came on but then revs picked back up.

    went somewhere to stop and reved and lift foot and revs droped down and seemed like engine gasped and struggled then. went back to my normal idle revs.

    not sure what the hell is up.

    was wondering if was due to qick change in petrol entering engine.

    help us out please


  • sounds like it could be the earth on ur battery
    had he same problem wit me 06
    make sure ou did all he bolts up tight an the grond wire is properly eatherd wen u did the battery


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