Suspension options - Please discuss :)

  • Also theres..

    KIDO RACING Coilovers Mazda mx3 91~98
    For Street and Circuit Use

    Front Coilovers : Pillow ball or Rubber Top Mount.(application dependent)

    Front Spring Rate : 7kg/mm

    Rear Coilovers : Pillow ball or Rubber Top Mount. (application dependent)

    Rear Spring Rate : 4kg/mm

    ● Mono-tube shock design

    ● 40 levels of dampening adjustability can be set to any preference

    ● 44mm linear characteristic internal piston

    ● Italian IP F.A 5W made very high viscosity index guarantees efficient shock-absorbing action at any ambient temperature

    ● Lower bracket height adjustability prevents the needs to adjust the spring perch offering the max shock-absorbing travel

    ● SAE9254 cold-bent spring is designed to optimize the balance between performance and comfort

  • @644b2364e0=unclegreg:

    Im curious about these:

    Does anyone know something about them?

    FK Automotive is one of Germany’s biggest selling brands and their High Tech lowering springs provide the ultimate blend of performance and ride quality.

    Developed for fast road use the FK High Tech springs are up-rated by 30% lowering with a classic German wedge look. They are slightly lower on the front than on the back, this optimises the look and performance of your car. True German style and performance!

    A superb set of quality lowering springs that will meet the demands of any performance car enthusiast! The kits contain 4 x lowered progressively wound lowering springs and are available in various drops.

    FK High Tech Lowering Spring Kit Features

    Numerous drops available from 30-80mm
    FK Automotive specialises in split drops
    Stiffer ride increases road holding and cornering speeds
    Powder coated to prevent corrosion
    Superb looks and quality
    Firm sporty progressive ride quality
    TUV Quality approved
    12 month warranty

    Available HERE

  • also there are …

    AVO -35mm springs
    SPAX -40mm springs
    SUPERSPORT -25mm springs

    OH and as mentioned FK Automotives FK tech -40mm springs...

  • Cheers guys…

    It's a pity more people weren't running coilovers, could do with some reviews. Having said that, it's actually not that bad an options list for a car first sold nearly 20 years ago!

    Here's some community talk:

    -I was talking to a Gt4 owner running Ksports, they've been fantastic for him so far, but it's under a year of ownership so time will tell. Handling is meant to be fantastic.

    -Also talking to an EVO 7/8/9 owner happily running XYZ coilovers for 7000 miles with no problems at all.

    -James Lee has been running his Ksports for a while now with no issues.

    -Hppwdn has been running his D2s for quite a while with no known issues on his 11sec KL turbo mx3.

    -Dan[Sac] (10second probe owner) is running Ksports with his supercharged 323BG. He's pretty fussy about quality,.

    Unbiased shock dyno reviews of these coilovers would be good. Anyone know if any performance magazines have done a coilover roundup/review? Seems like there's always someone who's had a bad experience with a brand, leaving just about no brand untarnished.

    I probably won't be updating this for a while, head of to USA tomorrow for 3 weeks :D Maybe I'll buy some coilovers :lol:

  • Im pleased with the XYZ super sport coilovers I have.
    They are stiff, but not at all uncomfortable on there softest
    setting with a -80mm drop for a daily driver car.
    They will drop to a maximum of 120mm!
    The pillowball top mount however do make a bang on large holes
    in the road, overall good quality, but the instructions you receive
    are not great.

  • so anyone recommend a ghetto drop??
    or any specific brand i should get..

  • @efb6168308=salvador:

    so anyone recommend a ghetto drop??
    or any specific brand i should get..

    no I wouldnt recommend a ghetto drop (cutting springs?!)
    If you want to maintain handling that is :wink:

    whats your budget?

  • @92540305fc=salvador:

    so anyone recommend a ghetto drop??
    or any specific brand i should get..

    A few on here have used Apex springs to lower 40mm, they seem great and are good value at around £120, or PM famine as he was doing them at £90 a set

  • @070d22556d=salvador:

    so anyone recommend a ghetto drop??
    or any specific brand i should get..

    iirc most on here use Gmax springs they are the prefered option apex are a tad on the hard side for std struts youll fined the gmax ones very good for the ride quality and prices also, i myself used apex on wes to begin with and changed over to Gmax much better…

    remember anything lower than -40mm the strut will bottom out as you wont have enough stroke in the piston for travel..


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