One last thermosensor thing that dont have a plug

  • Hi !

    This is my last problem :D

    This sensor do not have a plug, my sisters KLZE jap-spec have it, my k8 have a plug for it, the plug is at the water thingie, my engine also have the water thingie ofc but no connector for this sensor.

    Any ideas?

    Pictures below

    The connector on my klze ( europe wannabeeee klze )


    the big picture

    And this is where the K8 have the connector :

  • iirc is that not the connecter for the cts (coolant temp sensor)..

  • Well, dno :)

    Everything is ok when we started it up, the temp is good, water is working etc.

  • Early engines pre 1994 had an extra coolant sensor.

    Check that your Fan is coming on when it gets hot.

    On one of my swaps I took one of the sensors of the K8 engine and tapped a hole for it.

    On another I got a radiator hose from a scrapyard that had a screw hole in it to fit a scoolant sensor and extended the wires to fit.

    But on my latest swap i'm just swapping over the whole filler neck from the K8 engine so it has all the sensors already on it.

  • Yeah, fan is working as it should etc.

    Weird, ill drive it for a while and ill notice i guess!

  • We will take it from the old engine and tap a hole in the new :)



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