Almost done, spark yesterday, no spark today, eating coils?

  • Hi,

    So, i'm almost done with the KLZE swap, we took the perfect healthy HEI mod with ext coil and plugging it all in. No spark …

    Jeez, check every wiring, still no spark, ok cool, i bought a new HEI module, then i got spark! Plugged it all in, engine will still not start, i checked the spark again and its gone!!

    Changed back to the old hei module, no spark, check wires, no spark ..

    I bought a cheaper test coil, wired it all up yesterday and it was sparking away like it should, plugged it in, well engine did not fire up, checked spark again, still a nice spark.

    Went to the garage just a few hours ago, was gonna check the fuel, but i did not have spark again! It's like my car is eating Coils and i dont know what do to do.

    Any ideas?

    We have messured all the wiring, it looks okay, the grounding also look okay.

    Gah, frustrating and i cant sleep before my car is up and running.

    Thanks all.

  • Sorry can't help with this one as i've not done the HEI mod.

    Don't think many guys on here have done it either.

    When you get it working can you post up a write up for us in the HOW TO section.


  • Yes i will !

    Today i will check the crankshaft sensors, second a klze disty to the hei mod, third go back to stock.

  • Woho, its alive!

    Guess something was wrong in my disy, prob the sensors. We now used a KLZE disty i had around and wired it into the HEI mod, works perfect :D

    Gonna write a big summup on everything when im done!


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