Falling gear stick

  • Does anyone have a good fix for the falling gear stick fault? 1 of the 2 small rubber things that hold it up has fallen out so needing a fix, anyone done this?

  • there is a fix some guy's on probetalk called a antidrop bracket, kind of a neat little mount. i went a different way, unhook the exhaust and loosen it off under the shifter (so it will move side to side a little), remove the heat sheild that is in the way, remove both interior center console parts right up to the center dash piece. then when the shifter is sitting in the hole nice i drilled a 1/4" hole threw the shifter plate under the car, then right up through the car and then come through the top mount piece inside the car. then run a bolt with a lock washer or nyloc nut. i did this on my last mx3 and it held up for 5 years until it got hit. i tried to find a pic of the anti drop bracket off of the probetalk forum and off my computer but i can't find one.

  • Cools I applied some silcon stuff last week but think the heat from the exhaust softened it

    Im prob going to with self tappets, there doesnt look like theres any wires to hit around that way anyway apart from the auto plugs that are not in use

  • Heres the assembly fella maybe you can fix it form this a little better..

    » 46010 LEVER,SELECT
    » 46020A BAR,EXTENSION
    » 46041B BUSH
    » 46043A PIPE
    » 46060A ROD,CONTROL
    » 46062A BUSH
    » 46081 BOOT
    » 46082 SPRING
    » 46086 SHEET,BALL-SEAL
    » 46133 BOLT
    » 46134 BOLT
    » 46151 BOOT,MTG.RUBBER
    » 46161A STUD
    » 46453 NUT,SELECT LEVER
    » 90901 NUT
    » 90906 NUT,FLANGE
    » 90906 NUT,FLANGE
    » 90906 NUT,FLANGE
    » 99203 WASHER,PLAIN


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